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When: Saturday, June 15th

What: Kahnu book signing - Alien Conference - EXPO - S.P.A.C.E. festival

Where: Downtown Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Kahnu, the first book in the trilogy “The Guardians of Tomorrow”, tells the story of the last seven representatives of the human race, stranded on Mars after a global war breaks out on Earth. Their challenging survival and ultimate discovery of an ancient alien race with whom one of them shares an inexplicable connection, will force them to question everything they know about their place in the universe. Most importantly, it is the story of the first human child born on another planet, and her incredible journey to fulfill humanity's ultimate destiny.

In a classic style reminiscent of Arthur C. Clark's writing, Yves LF Giraud's Kahnu is the first part of an epic story that takes the reader across space and time, on a journey riddled with dangers, tragic losses and fantastic alien worlds.

Kahnu is a 125 thousand word novel and is available for purchase on Amazon in parperback and Kindle format right HERE.

A Lonestar Ventures, LLC publication.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2018, Yves Giraud


Here’s what readers say about Kahnu

“Kahnu had me hooked from the first sentence of the prologue to the last word of the final chapter. Scifi is pretty much the only genre that keeps my attention and this was every bit the page turner I had hoped it would be.
Timing and cadence keeps the pace really well and at no point does the story feel stagnant. Most importantly, in a time where we are currently planning to go to Mars in real life and send commercial flights to the moon, this scifi ride to the unknown is as relevant as it could possibly be. 10/10 Zarfhas.”

“A brilliant work 357 pages, and only the first part of a trilogy, about very relevant current happenings. - think Elon Musk's current aspirations for populating Mars - and add several subplots of romance, loose canon personalities and the big broad picture of our true and actual future!”
JS Via

“I have read every major sci-fi and fantasy series, and I can honestly say that I am very excited to read what comes next. It will be a hard wait for the second book. The characters feel real, human and non-human alike, and the pace of the book moves in just the right way to keep you entertained through the action and the filler alike. Give this first installment a chance and you won’t be disappointed!”

”I just finished Kahnu, it was amazing! Once I got started I couldn't stop reading. I can't wait to read what comes next.”
William Dustin

“This book is top story telling at its best!! It delivers in abundance, but that doesn't get us to what really makes this a profound work: Mr. Giraud has done his research as only one with a deep and abiding love for geology, technology and authenticity of observation can bring to the page. More vital is the grip of our current technologically transformative times that resonate with the book. Add a multiple development of characters and a story with something astonishing at every turn that is yet utterly believable. This gift from Yves just keeps giving! Go get it and READ IT!!”
Page Turner