yves LF giraud IS A Sci-fi novelist and a singer-songwriter Based IN Nashville, TenNessee.


The short story

With true modesty, I would like to mention that, over the years, I have had the honor to play with many bands and artists, opening for, or sharing the stage with, Chris Isaak the Doobie Brothers, Sheryl Crow, the Steve Miller band, Marcy Playground, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians and others, as a singer, guitarist and/or bassist. I have toured several parts of the US and recorded multiple full length albums.

My catalogue of songs counts over 200 original songs and a 100+ instrumentals.

I have also been fortunate enough to record and produce several artists in my home studio, "Studio M31".

 In 2018, I became a published author with my first science-fiction-fantasy novel, KAHNU.

Kahnu is the first book in the trilogy The Guardians of Tomorrow, published by Lonestar Ventures, LLC.



The long, long, long story

Hi, my name is Yves Giraud. I am a full time singer-songwriter/multi instrumentalist who also loves to, on occasion, write a book.

I was born in France. My interest in music began to show itself around my 5th birthday. My mom had an old upright piano at home, and I used to listen to her play Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven and other classical composers. As music began to grab my attention and I felt I understood some of it, I began experimenting on the piano, figuring out my own chords and melodies, never wanting to be taught how to play or read music, to the great disappointment of my mother. "It's going to influence me and I want to create my own compositions anyway."

Having a pretty good hear, I quickly began writing my own music on that old piano. At the age of 9, while in summer camp near the Swiss Alps, one of the adults there pulled out an Ovation to sing songs around the camp fire, and I discovered the acoustic guitar. My family couldn't afford much, so it took another 2 years before I got my first one for Christmas. An non-brand nylon string classic guitar, actually.

By the age of 13, not having enough money to afford an electric guitar and amp, my grandmother offered me a small keyboard for my birthday, and I formed my first rock band "Attila", with a few friends in town. None of us knew how to play, but we sure had a lot fun doing it.

Growing up in a small town (the town didn't count 5 thousand people) in the middle of nowhere, my access to music was limited. We had no record stores and my parents never went anywhere, so our music library at home was pretty much nonexistent. But eventually, some school friends exposed me to popular rock artists of the time, like The Police, Genesis, AC/DC, Elvis, Yes, Cheap Trick, the Beatles, U2, Iron Maiden, the Clash and the likes.

At the time. I never thought of learning covers. I had no interest in that, although I could easily figure out chord progressions and melodies with ease. I was much more interested in the creative aspect of music, composing and writing songs. But I was still influenced by those artists, of course. The next few years were bitter-sweet as I watched my band mates lose interest and move on to the more "important" things in life, like getting a school degree and finding a good job. So I kept writing and exploring music, form punk to jazz, figuring out complex time signatures, unconventional chord progressions, tapping and whatever I could add to my own growth. And for a short while, I contemplated moving to the big city, Paris. At least until I realized France wasn't the best place to be for what I wanted to do.

But everything truly changed for me when I discovered Prince in 84 and the album "Dirty Mind". By then, I knew I had to leave France and move to the US.

In the late 80's, I joined the band Vallance, a power-rock 4 piece that was making waves throughout the south of France. Guitarist Frank Perez and I soon talked about moving to the US. In late 87, I finally quit my day job as a gas station attendant, Frank and I got ourselves a plane ticket and left for the States, a mere few hundred dollars in our pockets. We didn't know anyone and our English was poor, to say the least, but we eventually settled in Hollywood, CA. and reformed Vallance. Within 6 months, we had a management and were close to signing a recording deal with Capital Records, when our singer moved back to Phoenix, AZ for family reasons. The band fell apart, so did the recording contract, and our management pulled out. We were broke and I spent many nights sleeping on benches in parks or wherever I could. Back then, sleeping on a friend's couch labelled you a "Couch slut". I was definitely one of them for a while.

Things eventually got better, and I spent the next few years playing the club circuit in various bands, all through the mid '90's. Clubs such as the legendary Whiskey-a-go-go, the Troubadour, the Gazzari’s, the Coconut Teazer, the GasLight, the DogHouseExposure 54, the FM StationMadam Wong, the China Club and more, some of which have long since closed down... I played electric guitar and/or bass in various bands: Men Without WomenNew Improved GodSleeperTongue DanceF.A.G., The Montana Dave Experiment and others which I have forgotten by now. 

I moved to South Florida in '94 and eventually became a full time musician in the early 2000's playing the bar/restaurant circuit around Fort Lauderdale, in various bands: Mad Iguana, Planet Q and the Molecules and Jadestone among others.

After a 8-9 run with Jadestone, having recorded several original albums, including 4 full length CDs, I finally put out my first solo effort in 2005, a pop-jazz instrumental album titled Flow which I recorded alone in my bedroom.

That same year, I joined blues-rock trio "The Spoon Benders", a band managed by south-Florida booking agent Judy Blem, and found myself playing 6-8 shows a week. After a great 2 year run , having toured the East Coast several times, and recorded "Resurrecting the Giants", a full length album released in 2006, I left the band to refocused on my solo career when the Spoon Benders relocated to Nashville, TN. later that year.

In 2007, I recorded Hello, in Miami, FL. A 10 song original CD showcasing my commercial songwriting, produced by the awesome Fernando Perdomo of Reseda Ranch Studios. (Fernando and I played everything, and drums were provided by world class musician Derek Cintron.) The album was officially released in 2010 on Fast Forward Records.

In late 2013, after many wonderful years touring and playing the South-East Florida circuit with many bands including Jadestone, The Spoon Benders, The DBs, the Makayla Duvall band, The Justin Enco Band441Broken Sound Blvd, The Melodie Hawkes band and other artists, I left Florida and moved to the mountains of North Carolina near the small town of Burnsville, an hour north of Asheville. There, after a few months enjoying the piece and quiet of my small log cabin on a creek, I formed the Yves Giraud Band and played shows in rural towns along the Appalachian Trail area.

During my time in North Carolina, I also began writing my first science-fiction novel, Kahnu, the first book in the trilogy "The Guardians of Tomorrow". Kahnu is currently available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format right here. I have since started several more books, including "The Temple of Zord", "The Star Machine" and "SAPIO and the Solar Flare Project". This last one is in the final editing stages as I am writing this. A dozen more books are on the back burner for now, but I am determined to finish them all, someday..."

In spring 2015, I recorded "I'm Your Light", an 11 song album recorded at Reseda Ranch Studio, CA and co-produced with Fernando Perdomo. (Here again, Fernando and I played everything. Drums were provided by drummer extraordinaire, Benjamin Lecourt.)

In early 2018, I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where I currently reside.

My latest album, "Everything Can Change", was released in 2018 and includes 12 original songs I fully produced at my home studio, Studio M31, here in Nashville. (Except for some of the drum tracks performed by drummer Andrew Branum, and Brian Bennet, I performed all instrumentation and vocals.)

You can find most of my original CDs on the Album page of this website.

As of 2018, I also play bass for up and coming artist Casey Clark.


I truly appreciate all the people who keep supporting me and my music by coming to shows, buying CDs and giving their love and support more than I can express. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Every single CD sold allows me to keep going and keep doing what I love most: Writing songs, singing, recording albums and sharing musical journeys with the audience when performing live. I hope you'll join me.

Please also feel free to join the mailing list here: Mailing list on the Contact page to be informed on new shows, CD releases and more.

Much love,